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In Memory of Mike "The Cleaner" Mazzulla.  

If you worked at 299 Queen Street West in Toronto, your life was more enriched if you got to know Mike Mazzulla.  He was a cleaner there for a very long time, and the unofficial mascot of the whole building.  First put on air in station I.Ds by my friends Gord McWatters and Scott Greig, Mike ended up being used by many producers, including myself;  whenever a good laugh was needed, or to keep the station "honest" . Mike had a crazy natural comic timing that couldn't be coached out of anyone else.  It was just the way he was when you turned on the camera.  

A very sweet man with a kind heart.  He will be missed by a lot of people. I cut this piece when he passed, to help celebrate the great man that he was to so many of us.

In Memory of Mike "The Cleaner" Mazzulla

One of the great things about working at MuchMusic back in the day was the opportunity to work with some really fun and creative people.  One of them was Denis McGrath.  I had known about him from my days at Ryerson, but it wasn't until he worked at MediaTelevision and I at MuchMusic, that we got a chance to have some fun.  Denis has gone on to become a very successful Writer/Executive Producer etc.  But Once Upon a Time…

MuchMusic Station ID "Research Proves It!"

"MuchMusic Pumpkins" Halloween Station IDs